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Born in Paris, France, in 1983, I started drawing when I was just around 6 years old... and I have never stopped since then. From my youngest age, I was already creating characters and stories for comic books and animation projects. As an almost entirely self-trained artist, I continued working and perfecting my skills every day for now about 30 years.
A truly passionate and dedicated craftsman, I have been establishing myself as a very versatile illustrator and graphic designer, doing many kinds of free-lance jobs for various clients (illustrations, logos, graphic design/layout works, storyboards, character designs, visual development illustrations). But most of all, I love to create graphic novels (I am a published comic book author-illustrator).


Selected Clients

Paquet Publishers

Marc Lumer Design

Zag Animation Studios

AMRA Films

Yawning Fox Pictures

Fahrenheit Publishers

Tarek Sursock


General Leonardo (Erik Svane & Dan Greenberg)

Ene Mand Mod Overmagten (Erik Svane & Dan Greenberg)

The Life and Times of Abraham Lincoln (Erik Svane & Dan Greenberg)

Zagadon the Buccaneer (Dan Greenberg)

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